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23 September 2013

Foot Care.

Take Care of your feet!

I think because I am still trying different options of clothing to keep on until I go to bed when on call, that I may be wearing my boots longer than I did in the City an there are different temperature swings out here in the country. Anyway I got a blister in the medial aspect of my right foot and in three days it nearly maimed me, to the point of having the on-call Dr look at it while we were at the hospital that night. The infection had tracked up my lower leg to the knee and she removed a substantial quantity of skin together with a script for a week of ABs.
A fortnight later the infection has gone but the wound is slow to heal but is not longer in doubt on whether it may in fact ulcerate, thankfully.
I have seen a Podiatrist and have a foot care plan to alleviate this problem in the future. 

Be Excellent to Each Other and I'll see you at the 'Big One'!


11 September 2013

So what has happened to me?

After ten years in the largest city in Australia,
At the busiest station (incident numbers divided by staff numbers),
Completing my Fiftieth year upon this mortal coil,
I was right for a change of pace on my own terms.

Before I became referred to by others as 'that's Taz, in the day he was good' I was ready to leave while still chasing partners, young enough to be my children, up to clear for another job!

So began the 'Tree Change'

500 km south and about the same inland is our new home.
Rather than a possible patient population of over 4 million I have 6000!
Farmland, low humidity, country folk friendly as hell.

But the work???

After 10 shifts including on call, I had done 20 jobs, no drugs administered, lots of advise and guidance,
A 500 km patient transfer, numerous hot response jobs that were 40 - 50 km away, near daily 170 km transfers of patients from our local well functioning country hospital to the larger district hospital.

An elderly population, very few alcohol related jobs, even though our local sports teams have had much success at the end of their seasons, no farm jobs yet and we're still looking for somewhere to buy, maybe a little bit of dirt, nothing more than 100 acres should do!

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!