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23 September 2013

Foot Care.

Take Care of your feet!

I think because I am still trying different options of clothing to keep on until I go to bed when on call, that I may be wearing my boots longer than I did in the City an there are different temperature swings out here in the country. Anyway I got a blister in the medial aspect of my right foot and in three days it nearly maimed me, to the point of having the on-call Dr look at it while we were at the hospital that night. The infection had tracked up my lower leg to the knee and she removed a substantial quantity of skin together with a script for a week of ABs.
A fortnight later the infection has gone but the wound is slow to heal but is not longer in doubt on whether it may in fact ulcerate, thankfully.
I have seen a Podiatrist and have a foot care plan to alleviate this problem in the future. 

Be Excellent to Each Other and I'll see you at the 'Big One'!


1 comment:

Saim said...

My mother also facing such foot problems due to high diabetes...

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