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Oh, there you are!

28 April 2013

Thank Chr#st that's over!

I'm all holidayed out and ready for some work.

35F - Who has now learnt the lesson that when drunk you may some stupid things like harming your self and no amount of back peddling with the Police or me can stop us from taking you to hospital for a mental exam. I'm sure you don't mean it now but the damage is done and the ball set in motion with our duty of care.
75M - Simple low and slow mechanical fall the # his NOF.
6/12M - unsettled so the parents called us. I had a wonderful time playing with him while I was examining him before handing him back to Mum to put to bed as he was looking ready to sleep now.
??M - Assaulted? UTL
29M - IP who thinks he must of had a seizure because he's lost his mate and he wont answer his phone. I think he's really pissed and like myself on occasions has had some memory loss, complicating thing is he is an epileptic. In the end the Dr agreed with my diagnosis hours later.
30M - Anxiety, had called the Cops but wasn't a threat to anyone, the senior Sgt, like myself realised the Dude had dropped a pill and would eventually come down. He was staying with his parents, a safe place and really just needed sleep and to 'Chillax'!  
66F - Abdo pain, random around the belly button and called us rather than taking a pain killer and going back to sleep. I gave her some paracetamol but she wanted Tx anyway. Last seen in waiting room with the pain getting better now.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


05 April 2013

Transported less than half!

85F - Bradycardic, hypotensive, complete heart block, your definitely going.
87M - Tachypnoea suspecting pneumonia.
23M - #jaw post assault.

34M - Shared a pill with a friend and had an anxiety event. Nope
??F Being taken home by her G/f and a 3rd party called, WHY, don't know. Left them to their business.
30M - A vomit after exposure to a failed chlorine bomb, declined transport.
31F - Same incident but seriously there was nothing wrong with them.

Now I'm on holidays again!

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


Took a while to find a patient!

Not literally, the shift started with a discharge from hospital back to a nursing home but we got called off that for a MVC 'with injuries' but they weren't specified only that it was a scooter rider who had come off.
The caller told us the Domino's Pizza guy had dropped the scooter, lain in the quiet road for a while and when she came back out after calling us, had overcome his embarrassment and left the scene.
Then was a psych transfer to a distant hospital which would have seen us disappear into the void which is in the west but thankfully the Police came to our rescue.

53M - Claiming a poly pharmacy OD, in custody and just one angry SOB.
96F - Mechanical fall with a minor skin tear. I dressed it and her GP will visit tomorrow to review.
19M - In a motel room with a friend, drunk. I tried to get the friend to accept responsibility of care because really he wasn't that pissed and just needed to sleep it off but he wouldn't so transported to the little local hospital for three hours to sober up under supervision.
35M - Drowsy from normal meds but the Men's Hostel staff wanted a Dr's clearance letter so we took him to the same little hospital waited for the Dr to write the letter and took him back because it was bucketing down.
55M - Serial peat who has called 7 ambulances today and been finally given a bed in the psych ward for the night before a management plan is made but left and called for another ambulance. Got Scheduled this time and locked up.
48F - Gastro like symptoms, discussed the options and management and she stayed at home.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


03 April 2013

A dialysis pt a day!

Really makes you appreciate your kidneys.

68M - Regular dialysis pt.
??M in a arcade doorway sleeping, talk to them before you ring bounces off like water on a dumb ducks back.
30M - Known epileptic, post ictal, the alleged medical staff in this official government facility claim not to know how to look after him nor that he was even epileptic!
38F - Chronic alcoholic who made comments pissed to a friend who then rang the Cops concerned and then the pt made the same unthinking comments in front of the Cops so she had to go in for a psych evaluation even though we all know alcohol is a depressant etc, etc.
67F - Suspected food poisoning having flown in from O/S this AM, it's coming out both ends still.
56M - Witnessed stroke at a business meeting, right sided with dysphasia but on warfarin.  
Hoax call from a shopping centre.
54M - Known sufferer of schizophrenia getting a little violent with others in halfway house.
37M - Also with schizophrenia also thinking violence but with those quiet staring episodes that make you just sit back a little in case it blows up,,,,.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


02 April 2013

April Fool!!!!!!

Did someone get you or were you the prankster?

I'm clean nothing happened to me anyway.

We travelled well a field to get our first patient,

71M - And not one of our regular dialysis pts.
64M - What may have been a wake up stroke like symptoms or rather I was leaning towards something like Bells Palsy!
46M - Known new issues with a herniated L 4/5 disk.
38M - GHB OD, one of three from the same party.
31F - Failing to cope with a hangover until I gave her some direct instructions and told her I wasn't going to take her to a hospital.
32M - Surfer hit in head by board, think he was bunging it on.
24M - Surfer who ran over his own leg with the boards fins and gave himself a deep thigh lac.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!