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Oh, there you are!

28 September 2012

First stack on the Madone!

The Madone is my full carbon fibre bike from TREK a Madone 4.5. Purchased as my reward for giving up the smokes last year.
I picked it up on the 19th of January and have ridden about 2400km or 1500m since. My older Trek 7100 hybrid has well over 10,000km or 6200m and today saw the first time the lazy motorist not looking before and during them opening their door get me.
A bit of bark off the knee, swollen finger, sore hand and a 5cm lac on the forearm.
I had only just pushed off so didn't have any speed up yet.
The driver was nice and concerned and accepted blame which I wasn't proportioning out, the bike looked ok and I rode it home but I'll keep and eye on it and so after 400km (250m) ridden while on holidays on the last day and within 3km of home I had my first stack.

Hold off on the get well cards I'll be fine and while the holidays are officially over rostering doesn't have me returning to duty until Wednesday, sweet.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


21 September 2012

Ride 4 Epilepsy

At the end of my 1st week of holidays I had three things to do.
Complete and submit two assignments to Uni and to ride with the wife in a 6hr charity event.

The venue was Calder Park Raceway with a combination of the disused AUSCAR (NASCAR) track and the classic race circuit to give a total lap of 4.21km (2.62m) for the Epilepsy Foundation of Victoria.
Because I don't know if I can!

Look at the banked track behind me (3hr in to the race)

So with 112 other competitors we set off at 0800hrs to complete as many laps as we could in 6 hours. There were also 100k, 40k and 20k rides to compete in and 153 riders did.
From the very serious adult rider to children, roadies to BMX and mums on their mountain bike to families with child seats on the back.

Ambowife flying down the start/finish straight.
Me, 38th overall, 31st male, 6th in my age group with 108.34km
Ambowife, 51st, 11th female, 3rd in her age group with 95.84km

We finished and could still smile and walk.
If rostering allows I'll do it again next year and try to get other ambo's to come along and do something different, uncomfortable and community minded.
They'll be richer for the experience.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


14 September 2012


It's been nearly two weeks since I last posted!

We do see some really F%#ked up stuff and watching on TV ain't nothing like being in there amongst it!
We get told the most sick and deviant lies that are very obvious to us.
We are verbally and sometimes physically assaulted by even those we are there to help and save.
Sometimes there is no understanding of management and their workings.
The pay could be better, maybe a City Penalty Rate, it costs more to live here and we do more jobs?
But we love the job even with these and many other drawbacks.
We love it with a passion from the bottom of our soul.
And the odd hours we work are part of our love
Cause we get 2 x 3 weeks holidays AND I"M ON SOME!

Sorry for shouting

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!