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Oh, there you are!

12 November 2014

The first year done!

Hello is anybody out there?

Greetings if you are but ultimately this blog was just somewhere for me to arrange my thoughts other than the blog my wife started for us that quickly became about her craftwork.

So here are the stats for the first year in regional Australia.

This indicates only that I was present at the scene I make no allowance for what role I may have been undertaking and is the same as when I kept daily records in the biggest city in Australia at the busiest station of caseload per Officer.

Metro for one year on average - 1100 incidents

Regional one year - 500 incidents


Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One! 


12 October 2013

Is this our slice of heaven?

Fair Dinkum, the hardest thing I've ever done.

Bought a property at auction.
The tension.
The machinations.
The thought of going into debt late in life, doesn't matter about having plenty of secure collateral your still taking expensive money from a bank and they're nearly all crooks.

But I am now the proud husband of a very happy wife because of this

Nth Front entrance

Zoom in, that's all our property and you can see the house and shed

Last three are wife's cave

Oh and this is my cave

Bikes, cars and furniture belong to the previous owners but we might follow their style.

What do you think, did we buy well? 

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


06 October 2013

What kind of work do I come across in a rural post?

The same, it can just take a whole lot longer to complete than in the metro.
We can travel 65 km or 40 mi just to get to the scene which can be in a house, on the road or in a paddock!
Do the medical stuff, there is more than likely no higher skill level than yourself, radio, mobile and satellite are scratchy at best but plenty of strong farmers ready to help so back your skill and go for it.
Then it's 65 km (40 mi) slower to the local hospital or maybe another 80 km (50 mi) on top of that to a large trauma facility if the patient is stable.

But that's the few an' far jobs.
In my eight weeks here I have dealt with;
4 intoxicated persons for their intoxication alone (3 being the same person),
numerous abdo pain, some have be transferred 80 km to the big hospital for surgery or review,
some well done fractured limbs,
3 single vehicle MVC's, best to miss the tree's if you can, 1 involved a 'B' double truck of livestock.
mental health with a similar primary diagnosis as most metro patients,
1 acute road transport with a Dr on board where we hit speeds of around 150 kph in sections, when safety to all allowed, as the patient deteriorated during the 70 km transport,
numerous 'there, there's' and 'it'll be ok' to promote health at home,
a few general sick patients,
2 long transfer's 500 km (310 mi) each round trip.

You can't pick when you'll work, we might sit on station all day (0800 - 1700) and do three jobs lasting 2 hrs each over night with an hour or so of sleep each time before returning to the station and do nothing or, a long transfer.

It's not the metro, I know that, I made a deliberate decision to move here for the life style not the work and when we finally find something reasonable to buy it will be complete.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


23 September 2013

Foot Care.

Take Care of your feet!

I think because I am still trying different options of clothing to keep on until I go to bed when on call, that I may be wearing my boots longer than I did in the City an there are different temperature swings out here in the country. Anyway I got a blister in the medial aspect of my right foot and in three days it nearly maimed me, to the point of having the on-call Dr look at it while we were at the hospital that night. The infection had tracked up my lower leg to the knee and she removed a substantial quantity of skin together with a script for a week of ABs.
A fortnight later the infection has gone but the wound is slow to heal but is not longer in doubt on whether it may in fact ulcerate, thankfully.
I have seen a Podiatrist and have a foot care plan to alleviate this problem in the future. 

Be Excellent to Each Other and I'll see you at the 'Big One'!


11 September 2013

So what has happened to me?

After ten years in the largest city in Australia,
At the busiest station (incident numbers divided by staff numbers),
Completing my Fiftieth year upon this mortal coil,
I was right for a change of pace on my own terms.

Before I became referred to by others as 'that's Taz, in the day he was good' I was ready to leave while still chasing partners, young enough to be my children, up to clear for another job!

So began the 'Tree Change'

500 km south and about the same inland is our new home.
Rather than a possible patient population of over 4 million I have 6000!
Farmland, low humidity, country folk friendly as hell.

But the work???

After 10 shifts including on call, I had done 20 jobs, no drugs administered, lots of advise and guidance,
A 500 km patient transfer, numerous hot response jobs that were 40 - 50 km away, near daily 170 km transfers of patients from our local well functioning country hospital to the larger district hospital.

An elderly population, very few alcohol related jobs, even though our local sports teams have had much success at the end of their seasons, no farm jobs yet and we're still looking for somewhere to buy, maybe a little bit of dirt, nothing more than 100 acres should do!

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


22 June 2013

Still not Party Weather.

89F - Had a slow fall backwards and has back issues and c/o increased pain.
21F - A student who has accepted they have some symptoms similar to some rather common maladies and has grouped them together with her own research (Google) to create what really isn't there with neurosis.
54M - Very, very pissed and has had a fall and it probably is the booze talking but as we know it may be a head injury.
The fricking media has been beating up some new strain of viral infection that has popped up in a few isolated cases in young kids and of course we get a call from some nervous mum who won't be talked out of immediate Tx to the ED for the 10/12M's first fever.
77F - Generlised pains, minor.
55M - Disability pt needing some trans dermal patches put on.
Brawl, no injuries.
20F - IP fell off her shoes and cut her chin, that close to the hospital she elected to walk there.
80M - Dialysis.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


It's cold and that slows them down.

Or rather the locals think it's cold but I just think it's winter!!!!

55M - Fast becoming our latest IP pest, straight to waiting room and then left.
39F - # Ankle off tall shoes.
56F - Sciatic pain, new.
48F - SIRS, Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome, or pre-Sepsis or sick and needs a Dr tonight!
31M - Taxi driver king hit by some random waking along the road.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!