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Oh, there you are!

13 December 2018

Day 22

Day 5 at home.

Similar to in Rehab the days take on a certain regularity with pshysio exercises and pool sessions.

On Monday we meet with the local hospital Physio of whom I have heard many good things, and with the aid of x-rays from 99 to current and other photographs and diagrams of my journey to this day Annie got a clear and accurate picture of my orthopaedic history and what needs to be corrected with her skills.

This first appointment was well over an hour but set a good foundation for the physical work. So with Tracy sitting Shotgun and directing I complete the original exercises I was discharged from Calvary with and another 4 from Annie.

There was no pool session on Wednesday as I had attended an education event at work for the first of my Continuing Professional Development hours as part of Paramedics now being a registered Medical Professional, nor will there be one on Friday. We have lost one of our own from a neighbouring station to Rust (Cancer) and I will be attending his funeral with peers.

On the up side after suffering some fatigue and cramps from the increased exercises on Thursday I completed a morning session followed by the pool and later an afternoon session.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One! 


08 December 2018

Day 17

Day 2 at home, Saturday 8th. Boof was disturbed overnight and barking, there were vehicles coming and going down on the road and the high beam lights on the trees had him going. Tracy was deep in her slumber so I got up for him and we went outside to ease his distress.

Exercises during the morning and the 10 laps of the house before we went off to the pool for my first session. Not as comfortable as Calvary's but  I spent 45 minutes running through my exercises and then we had hot chips and potato cakes while my togs and towel dried.

On returning home there was a message from Dad, he had called a few times and hadn't heard back and was concerned. After talking to him and Mum and a recuperative snooze another set of laps before the PM exercises and dinner.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


07 December 2018

Day 16

First day at home. I can't do anything, can't go walking around the property because I don't have any footwear, I can't potter around in my shed, I can't drive my tractor!

So do my gym exercises in different parts of the house. Go for walks around the verandah 10 laps in the morning and 10 in the afternoon.

Contacted the hospital and have an appointment in three days for my first physio therapy and an appointment with my GP a few hours before that for a review and referral.

Later Tracy and I went to the pool and signed up for three months family membership to the heated pool section so I can continue hydrotherapy. 

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One! 


Day 15

My last day in rehab. Another 6 minutes walk test to see if I have increased my stamina and endurance then straight into the gym and 90 minutes there before changing and into the pool for 45 minutes there before another change and into the dining room for the last time. 

This morning at breakfast the occupational therapy team put me through my paces in the kitchen to observe, correct or comment on my ability to operate safely in that environment. Rather than the normal cereal, toast and fruit the selected participants cook themselves bacon and eggs.

Having already observed this with another group on my first morning in the unit I passed without comment.

Tracy was a little late and I was positioned on the back seat of her Nissan Tiida for the journey home but I think I will move to the front for any subsequent trips as the door is wider for getting my legs in.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One! 


06 December 2018

Day 14

Day and a half left to get as much instruction as I can.

90 minutes in the gym and 45 in the pool before lunch.

45 minutes in the gym and another hour in the pool.

Knackered, totally shagged by the end of that and Tracy's come down for a visit.

The ward is noisy tonight not getting much sleep tonight.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One! 


04 December 2018

Day 13

Not that any of this has been easy, but physical hard work starts today.

Shower, Breakfast then the gym for a little over 90 minutes, get changed and hydrotherapy pool for 30 minutes then room shower take some ice on the hip then lunch.

Back to the gym for about 80 minutes then a consult with the Occupational Therapist for about 20 then another 20 back in the gym. Back to the room via the icepak fridge and even took 40 winks before having dinner.

Returned a phone call from one of my shooting buddies and rang Mum and Dad to bring them up to speed with my time here which will end midday Day 15.

This the lounge room at the end of our hallway. As we all have televisions in our rooms it doesn't appear to get used in the evenings.

This the common kitchen area where meals are taken by those able to get out of bed. Tuesdays and Thursdays selected patients display their ability to operate safely in a kitchen. 

 From the kitchen this is the shot of our hallway off which are our rooms.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


03 December 2018

Day 12

The move is on. after a shower, breakfast and a short session with the ward physio, nursing staff get me to put everything on my bed and just wheeled the whole lot, including me, down to Rehab.

By the time I unpacked it was close to lunch which can be had in your room or jointly in a communal dining room, I opted the latter and went to meet some of the other inmates.

Around 2 PM I had my 1st assessment and session for about 3/4 of an hour focusing on;
The direction of my feet when walking and standing. 
Keeping a wider stance and distribution of my weight.
Don't pop my non-weight bearing hip forward when just talking.
Isometric exercises for Gluts and Quads.
Being conscious of my straightness when sitting down and getting up, a mirror in front of me is very handy for this because I can see myself drift and favour one side!

So this my room from the doorway. 

And the bathroom 

 This was dinner tonight.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!