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28 September 2012

First stack on the Madone!

The Madone is my full carbon fibre bike from TREK a Madone 4.5. Purchased as my reward for giving up the smokes last year.
I picked it up on the 19th of January and have ridden about 2400km or 1500m since. My older Trek 7100 hybrid has well over 10,000km or 6200m and today saw the first time the lazy motorist not looking before and during them opening their door get me.
A bit of bark off the knee, swollen finger, sore hand and a 5cm lac on the forearm.
I had only just pushed off so didn't have any speed up yet.
The driver was nice and concerned and accepted blame which I wasn't proportioning out, the bike looked ok and I rode it home but I'll keep and eye on it and so after 400km (250m) ridden while on holidays on the last day and within 3km of home I had my first stack.

Hold off on the get well cards I'll be fine and while the holidays are officially over rostering doesn't have me returning to duty until Wednesday, sweet.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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