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06 October 2013

What kind of work do I come across in a rural post?

The same, it can just take a whole lot longer to complete than in the metro.
We can travel 65 km or 40 mi just to get to the scene which can be in a house, on the road or in a paddock!
Do the medical stuff, there is more than likely no higher skill level than yourself, radio, mobile and satellite are scratchy at best but plenty of strong farmers ready to help so back your skill and go for it.
Then it's 65 km (40 mi) slower to the local hospital or maybe another 80 km (50 mi) on top of that to a large trauma facility if the patient is stable.

But that's the few an' far jobs.
In my eight weeks here I have dealt with;
4 intoxicated persons for their intoxication alone (3 being the same person),
numerous abdo pain, some have be transferred 80 km to the big hospital for surgery or review,
some well done fractured limbs,
3 single vehicle MVC's, best to miss the tree's if you can, 1 involved a 'B' double truck of livestock.
mental health with a similar primary diagnosis as most metro patients,
1 acute road transport with a Dr on board where we hit speeds of around 150 kph in sections, when safety to all allowed, as the patient deteriorated during the 70 km transport,
numerous 'there, there's' and 'it'll be ok' to promote health at home,
a few general sick patients,
2 long transfer's 500 km (310 mi) each round trip.

You can't pick when you'll work, we might sit on station all day (0800 - 1700) and do three jobs lasting 2 hrs each over night with an hour or so of sleep each time before returning to the station and do nothing or, a long transfer.

It's not the metro, I know that, I made a deliberate decision to move here for the life style not the work and when we finally find something reasonable to buy it will be complete.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


1 comment:

Lauren said...

Its a dream come true!! Its takes you back to where EMS is you, your partner, and maybe acouple volunteers wanting to help move the patient. Im envious!