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Oh, there you are!

29 October 2012

Another fun ride!

And I do mean fun.
Unlike the alleged fun runs where I've never seen anyone smile, cycling is fun and a lot of conversation and joking goes on.

This time it was in Sydney for the Spring Cycle Classic 50km.
We opted for the intermediate start at 0700 meaning we were on the road at 0600 to get there well before that.

We mill around and chat to those we know or make new friends.
We ready ourselves with sunscreen and adjust the lycra.

And some of us reflect on what the hell we're doing here because 'I'm not a morning person!'

And then we're off!

Sydney's Iconic Harbour Bridge was partially closed. 

Other major roads too!

The halfway point

The line for water and the toilets

 The finish

 A chance to sit on something wider than a saddle!

 Look how many.

Pull back some more!

Over 9000 cyclist!

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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