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05 December 2011

I appear to be doing Bupkus!

But that is not true, after the shock of not having a new Padawan to mould had worn off we got really busy with quantity. So much that I've been to tired to post.

85M - Anxiety is what I would call this job. He had an extensive bowel Hx but that had been good for the last two years but today after some straining there was some blood on the paper and a little in the bowl. His specialist obviously didn't know where he lived because he told the pt to get an ambulance to take him the 700 metres to the hospital.
52M - 'Tis the the season to be golly, and pissed and not yourself. A rude introduction to the darker side of his partner after being together for something like 20 years post a festive drink or three. We arrived, evaluated took obs and advised that the mumbled speech, vomiting on self, urination inside of clothing and unsteady unfocused gaze were all alcohol related.
48F - Police on scene with this person about an unrelated incident saw there was blood on her hand and got us over to check it out. Dressed it and left her with them.
30F - Suicidal thoughts with a plan and was acting on it but there was a spark of doubt that allowed us to intervene and hopefully get this lady on the path to a better life.
60F - Drowsy at a Women's Refuge. Known drug user was too drowsy for them to look after, they provide accommodation nothing more. Refused all aid and assistance, abused the staff and us and eventually left.
26M - # L Clavicle.
56M - Back pain, muscular mostly by it's location.
42M - Opiate OD, 800mcg of Narc brought him up well and he refused transport but accepted advise given to the friends on management after we left (NO MORE GEAR, no booze and ring us back if your not sure).
73F - Skin tears. It's just before breakfast (for the normal people) and they don't want to go to the hospital but these need to be looked at by specialist today, they're to bad to leave at home as I'm unable to get the skin on the large one unrolled back over the wound. A compromise,  they'll go up after breakfast and see her LMO with a copy of my case sheet to indicate my concern and Rx.

Not a bad nights work but too busy to learn much about my new phone. 

See you at the big One.


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