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08 December 2011

Three nights straight!

I haven't done that for many years. It was the change of roster so I have to do one more shift before I get my days off and I get to learn about a new partner.

66M - Multiple co-morbidities, abdo pain.
30M - Admits to ketamine use at a dance party??? Go figure!
73F - Discharge to home (makes a bed free for later)
48M - IP, fell like a tree from the fifth step on the stairs, combative, left chest appears hyper inflated with some decrease in sound but no sub cut emphysema (it does take awhile to appear), bat phoned it in Obs fine, mechanism and GCS. Follow-up reported a cerebral contusion and a couple of chest tubes.
25M - IP clumsy fall landing on his ear. minor abrasion dressed and sent him home with friends and instructions.
21F - One day in the country and being seen by paramedics already! What a start to their Australian adventure. Dislocated patellate, that as usual relocated itself after some analgesia took their mind off it. Instructions and left to get some sleep and enjoy our country.
27F - IP, Hubby had been trying to get her home but had failed. We offered our assistance and provided safe Tx to a hospital bed to sober up.
23M - Claimed to have had his drink spiked and I will say here and now that there was something else in his system other than alcohol. Now we in the business do know that the act of drink spiking is not usually done to watch someone behave funny, it has a much more sinister reason that I will not go into but lets say this dude was conscious and aware of everything this night so I don't know what was going on other than pupils that dilated and sluggish, lip licking and hyper activity clearly indicated drugs. Hospital waiting room to chill.
71M - Chest and abdo pain and burning from his toes to his head.

See you at the big One. Taz

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