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19 December 2011

Working with someone different again!

Minimum Clinical Level on a ambulance vehicles is one officer to be fully qualified, or that's the desired level.
In many rural centres with limited =numbers of staff it may not be possible but in the city when two qualified officers are teamed up they can expect to be spilt and sent away to work with level 1's and 2's at other locations. Such a situation happened today and I went away.

92M - From home to a palliative care ward at a distant hospital. Dorothy and Toto were  not in Kansas.
92M - Acopic, lives with his slightly younger sister but it looks like he'll need higher level care.
41F - Fell on wet concrete and hurt her shoulder.
18mthM - Had a single vomit. Mum freaked but had calmed down by the arrival of the single responder and we were SNR when we arrived.
89M - Had three falls today, feels weak, is septic!
??M - supposed to have texted the neighbour about being depressed. Not as stated, SNR.
69F - From home to palliative care.
?30M - Jumped/Fell/Tried to fly! Whatever the cause this pt started 25m higher than where I found him. Soft rain soaked lawn saved him. No visible #'s but suspected pelvis at the very least and spinal, Unpalpable BP, tachycardic at the very least from the cocaine the friends stated, GCS = 3 but increasing en route to agitated. Abdo firm to hard, upper left chest ?# of ribs and clavicle.

So a hell of a well run and executed job to finish off the shift.

See you at the big One.


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