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13 December 2011

Start the shift in a Police Cell.

First job that is, was from the cells, that's the only time I've ever been in Police cells. Apart from a speeding fine 30 years ago, a Police parking ticket the same year and being caught exceeding 0.05 blood alcohol  while driving 11 years ago (my personal epiphany moment) I'm unknown to the Police.

35M - Is free to leave the cells in fact but requests an ambulance, claims a 2 day Hx of being unwell and that he was on his way to his LMO when the Police arrested him.With his Court appearance papers and what articles they would release to him we took him to a hospital. The nearest hospital, not the one nearest to where he lived.
51M - Also from the cells, before the Corrective Services (Jailers) will accept him he needs a medical clearance letter because he 'appears' to be effected by drugs. That would be the psych and addiction meds he's on but they need a Dr's signature not mine so I slip him up to the hospital and the Police have the clearance letter before I've even completed my paperwork.
30M - IP, sleeping on the grass on the nature strip. Community Watch who had rung it in were standing around amazed at how I was able to revive him (wake him up) with just my voice and a very bright torch. Crissed as a Pricket, all answers were always the same, the suburb he lived in. Having searched his pockets and found nothing with an address we did the basic medical checks on him and found him to be healthy, suddenly the booze fog lifted and he told us this was his address. A backpackers share house he knew now how to get in and there was a room with his stuff in it. We left him to go to bed.
41F - Rang the Medical Advise line after taking a second antihistamine tablet for a localised reaction on her upper lip only to an unknown allergen. They auto-defaulted to sending us. There wasn't any airway involvement and it was going down while we examined and consulted with her so we left her at home with a strong recommendation that she does see her LMO to get this followed up before it does turn into a full anaphylactic reaction.
3F - ? Asthma, run hot clear across the city to find another crew already there (different division, different radio channel) who had been asked to checkout the pt and have us Tx. The parents had panicked and they were completing non transport paperwork so we went home.
87F - Family Christmas celebration and no-one was helping Nanna walk the dark path slightly inebriated. Some simple abrasions and left them to fuss over her.
32F - IP at home, had been making too much noise and the Cops and us got called to investigate. Nothing medically wrong and we all helped her to bed and left a very embarrassed young lady.
40M - accused of sniffing butane gas (cigarette lighter refills not BBQ bottle) by hostel staff. While not a safe or advisable action, he was not impaired and so I wasn't about to remove him from the premises they'd have to follow their protocols and do that themselves.
??M - Very IP put in a holding cell by Police for being a public nuisance. They called us after he had began beating his head against the fortified glass and steel cell front wall and had knocked himself out. On our arrival he could be heard continuing his assault on the wall and we were dumbfounded to watch the ferocity with which he did it. This was not the one man custody dock which allows you to only sit or stand but a larger holding cell that could hold 30 people and he was taking a running start 3 meters or more back and launching himself against the wall like a soccer player heading the ball. It had taken 5 officers to get him in there we were told, while we formulated a plan, mechanical restraints, stretcher and more hands we observed 4 more attacks before he finally managed to split his head open and concuss himself enough for us to enter and apply the restraints and load him on the stretcher. He'd lost about 500mls of blood from a 10cm scalp lac and en route even with a Police escort still needed hands on restraint. We were not in any physical danger and the short transport time was better than waiting for an ICP who could use chemical restraint with a risk of stick injury always present on such jobs. We bat phoned the job to have a Resus Bay ready and security there. Suspecting a open head injury they did everything quickly and well as usual and The next shift we found out that the was no skull # and he was conscious and GCS = 15.
Reason for behaviour just intoxicated.

So ending the shift from a Police cell also!   

See you at the big One. Taz

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