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05 April 2013

Took a while to find a patient!

Not literally, the shift started with a discharge from hospital back to a nursing home but we got called off that for a MVC 'with injuries' but they weren't specified only that it was a scooter rider who had come off.
The caller told us the Domino's Pizza guy had dropped the scooter, lain in the quiet road for a while and when she came back out after calling us, had overcome his embarrassment and left the scene.
Then was a psych transfer to a distant hospital which would have seen us disappear into the void which is in the west but thankfully the Police came to our rescue.

53M - Claiming a poly pharmacy OD, in custody and just one angry SOB.
96F - Mechanical fall with a minor skin tear. I dressed it and her GP will visit tomorrow to review.
19M - In a motel room with a friend, drunk. I tried to get the friend to accept responsibility of care because really he wasn't that pissed and just needed to sleep it off but he wouldn't so transported to the little local hospital for three hours to sober up under supervision.
35M - Drowsy from normal meds but the Men's Hostel staff wanted a Dr's clearance letter so we took him to the same little hospital waited for the Dr to write the letter and took him back because it was bucketing down.
55M - Serial peat who has called 7 ambulances today and been finally given a bed in the psych ward for the night before a management plan is made but left and called for another ambulance. Got Scheduled this time and locked up.
48F - Gastro like symptoms, discussed the options and management and she stayed at home.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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