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Oh, there you are!

03 April 2013

A dialysis pt a day!

Really makes you appreciate your kidneys.

68M - Regular dialysis pt.
??M in a arcade doorway sleeping, talk to them before you ring bounces off like water on a dumb ducks back.
30M - Known epileptic, post ictal, the alleged medical staff in this official government facility claim not to know how to look after him nor that he was even epileptic!
38F - Chronic alcoholic who made comments pissed to a friend who then rang the Cops concerned and then the pt made the same unthinking comments in front of the Cops so she had to go in for a psych evaluation even though we all know alcohol is a depressant etc, etc.
67F - Suspected food poisoning having flown in from O/S this AM, it's coming out both ends still.
56M - Witnessed stroke at a business meeting, right sided with dysphasia but on warfarin.  
Hoax call from a shopping centre.
54M - Known sufferer of schizophrenia getting a little violent with others in halfway house.
37M - Also with schizophrenia also thinking violence but with those quiet staring episodes that make you just sit back a little in case it blows up,,,,.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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