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Oh, there you are!

28 April 2013

Thank Chr#st that's over!

I'm all holidayed out and ready for some work.

35F - Who has now learnt the lesson that when drunk you may some stupid things like harming your self and no amount of back peddling with the Police or me can stop us from taking you to hospital for a mental exam. I'm sure you don't mean it now but the damage is done and the ball set in motion with our duty of care.
75M - Simple low and slow mechanical fall the # his NOF.
6/12M - unsettled so the parents called us. I had a wonderful time playing with him while I was examining him before handing him back to Mum to put to bed as he was looking ready to sleep now.
??M - Assaulted? UTL
29M - IP who thinks he must of had a seizure because he's lost his mate and he wont answer his phone. I think he's really pissed and like myself on occasions has had some memory loss, complicating thing is he is an epileptic. In the end the Dr agreed with my diagnosis hours later.
30M - Anxiety, had called the Cops but wasn't a threat to anyone, the senior Sgt, like myself realised the Dude had dropped a pill and would eventually come down. He was staying with his parents, a safe place and really just needed sleep and to 'Chillax'!  
66F - Abdo pain, random around the belly button and called us rather than taking a pain killer and going back to sleep. I gave her some paracetamol but she wanted Tx anyway. Last seen in waiting room with the pain getting better now.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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