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Oh, there you are!

02 April 2013

April Fool!!!!!!

Did someone get you or were you the prankster?

I'm clean nothing happened to me anyway.

We travelled well a field to get our first patient,

71M - And not one of our regular dialysis pts.
64M - What may have been a wake up stroke like symptoms or rather I was leaning towards something like Bells Palsy!
46M - Known new issues with a herniated L 4/5 disk.
38M - GHB OD, one of three from the same party.
31F - Failing to cope with a hangover until I gave her some direct instructions and told her I wasn't going to take her to a hospital.
32M - Surfer hit in head by board, think he was bunging it on.
24M - Surfer who ran over his own leg with the boards fins and gave himself a deep thigh lac.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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