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12 June 2013

A bad day.

One of the hardest days at the office I've every had.

62M - Foot pain, arch of foot last night while playing tennis.
22M- Post ictal, by himself in a public place so leaving him was not an option.
??M - A member of the public reported a drug effected person but we couldn't find him, UTL.
5M - Near faint, had a temp last night and enjoying his sisters birthday today, all a little too much for maybe. Staying at home but taking it easy.
61M - Chest wall pain from seat belt trauma.
??M - A supposed cardiac arrest that turned out to be an intoxicated person.
38M - Renal Colic.
79F - Mild abdo pain.

What do you say to a Husband while the other crews his Wife is being treated for a traumatic arrest?
There is no textbook chapter on this, it was the most emotionally draining and distressing cases I have ever had in my career.
But that's part of our job and with the support of my crew mate, peers and my wife I worked my way through.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


1 comment:

Lauren said...

Im sorry, those types of calls are the ones that leave their mark on our memories. I hope you can process that stress, file it where it needs to be and continue on.
It's what we do and how we roll.