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Oh, there you are!

22 June 2013

Oh very Hungover.

I'm not the only senior staff member leaving station and last night we had drinks for Matt.
I turned up after work and I'm not sure when I got home, but I did and the lovely Ambowife woke me up after I failed to do so myself.. I was late to work by my standards (only 1 hour before start rather than 2) but this was enough to alarm my colleagues.
A handful of paracetamol, several coffee's and a rather large egg an' bacon roll with BBQ sause had me on the road to redemption.

56M - Discharge to home post OP.
39M - Aggravation of known back issue.
43F - Small injury on knee but the arcade manager called us. We cleaned it and off she went.
78M - Not new bladder pain.
83F - Small laceration to her scalp, cleaned and she elected to stay at home.
81M - Over-balanced and needed a hand up. Didn't need to go to hospital.
68F - Has now managed to # some vertebrae after a recent series of minor falls.
42M - Left hospital before Rx was completed for a Na+ imbalance and the hostel he resided at wanted him returned.

The day got better or rather I did and all is well in the world.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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