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Oh, there you are!

08 June 2013

Sent out of area.

To the land of track pants, hoodies and the saying OMG!

39M - Has had an infected finger for 4yrs and is after compo.
25F - A well displaced left patella that wasn't behaving it's self like they usually do by popping back when you move the patient.
??M - IP, Police decided to take him back to their shop.
67M - Discharged to nursing home.
48M - This one wanted to go to hospital by ambulance rather than his own car because he said he needed a rest! Yes he had a medical condition but there was nothing wrong at this very moment. As we know I have to transport but I don't have to carry or wheel them, particularly when they can walk.
80M - For his regular dialysis.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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