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03 June 2013

Some odd stuff today.

I had a telephone interview yesterday for one of the two country posts I have applied for, not my first preference however.

55F - Dialysis patient.
1F - Mum shut the door after clipping her into the car seat but the car had re-locked and the keys were sitting on the drivers seat. Luckily it was parked in a multi level car park out of the sun. The motor club man arrived soon and opened it up much to the relief of Mum. SNR.
87F - Extreme abdo distention, later at hospital it was gone after they had drained over 2 liters of wee!!!!
32M - Post ictal.
83M - Concern for welfare by a neighbour who hadn't seen him for a few days. Before the Police busted in his door the alleged pt arrived home, we talked and left him there.
42M - IP not coping but also will not stay in hospital and goes home only to ring several hours later, the Police will be called to all future incidents.
31M - Cyclist going through an intersection against the red light and without a helmet and was collected by an innocent motorist. Head injury.
80M - Back pain.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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