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Oh, there you are!

19 October 2011

There will be an interuption to service.

There has been a complaint to my employer by someone about some of the content of the blog, so with my best interests at heart I will not be posting about any new jobs until I have had chance to sit down with some managers and sort out the problem.

I shall been posting about Para-medicine and all related topics as I feel like it.

A friend of mine has a new book being released next month in print and electronic

Paramedico  A true and entertaining account of the paramedic author’s adventures working on ambulances around the world, from Mexico to South Africa, via Pakistan and Iceland.

I'll be going to the Sydney launch, if your in the city why don't you come too.

See you at the big One.



Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that Taz, hope everything gets sorted and you're back to your blogging best soon!

Anonymous said...

Such a pity. Not that you ever posted anything to identify patients. I though your blog was well written, entertaining and summed up paramedicine brilliantly.

Sucks when a paramedic win a good attitude to work is penalized.

Anonymous said...

What is this world coming to!?
I'm sorry to hear someone is causing you a little bit of grief Taz. I hope that for your sake and your followers - including me, that the situation resolves itself quickly - so we can all get on with enjoyment of hearing about your day.

Until you're back on the air, I'm looking forward to getting my hands on Paramedico - looks like an equally great read!

Wannabe paramedic

Lauren said...

Ugh! As if they have nothing better to do but police you and your blog. Must be nice huh?