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01 November 2011

Lookout World, I'm giving up the Smoke's!!!!

Yep after 33yrs of cigars, tailor-made (normal) or roll your own cigarettes, pipes of various shapes and the few odd 'herbal' cigarettes I'm officially off them from the 7th November. 

I was going to do this next year when I do officially turn 50 but I am having some dental work done with a whole crown done on the above date and was told the best chance of success was to also stop smoking.

With several thousand of my own dollars paying for this I decided to bring it forward.

Combining that with giving up sugar in my many cups of coffee, Dr said my triglyceride was elevated at my last blood test so I had to stop eating lollies, cakes and drinking all the soft drink that I must! Problem was that I don't, I know I have a sweet tooth and avoid that stuff because I was fat twenty years ago.

I don't mind the unsweetened coffee but I have been noticing a small lack of late shift energy.
The smokes well there are some people out there I work with who have never seen me smoke, I seem more physically addicted than mental I'll still carry the Zippo for awhile as well as a lot of gum. 

So maybe BEWARE TAZ the AMBO he may be a little jumpy and hair triggered for a while.

See you at the big One.


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