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28 March 2013

Same Challenge

Or at least take them to the small hospital in town if they don't need the services of the large!

29F - Booked herself out of drug detox and then rang up after she had shot up. No need for Naloxone but she needed to be observed and her friends who arrived after us were not comfortable to do that so we Tx to the little hospital.
60F - Gastro symptoms, common sense, some advise and an information sheet on self treatment, stay at home.
52M - IP, fell on head, ??? LOC, amnesic. At the big hospital we find out he had a subdural bleed last year after a similar fall.
36F - Smoked synthetic cannabis a and had a bad reaction,felt spaced out, seems to have lost her common sense, we looked but couldn't find it. Left at home.
72M - Missing person for nearly three days when found by police. Dementia sufferer, has some minor ?fall injuries Tx for a quick once over and maybe review of care plan.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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