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Oh, there you are!

01 May 2013

Double header in the Police Cells.

What a glorious way to start a Sunday night!

44F - She's just drunk, denies all illicit drugs and the Charge Sargent is happy for her to sleep it off in the cells. The nurses send their thanks.
17M - In the next cell, ADHD, Borderline Personality, this and that and has a few very minor scratches on his body from the arrest scuffle. Again Sarg' is happy to have him if we believe that the wounds don't need further attention. There is no actual protocol for us to medically clear a patient of such wounds but there is also no way these scratches are needing more. With common understanding between us we're happy to write that in our Qualified Paramedic opinion these patients are safe in Police Custody. Done.
58M - 'It's 20 minutes after the MVC, the pain you are now starting to feel in your neck is not likely to be spinal did the other crew ask if you wanted to come to hospital and have a needless x-ray or were you told you had to?' So we transported.
74M - Epistaxis, two days he reckons, not on anti-coagulants.
42M - Mogadon and Booze don't mix. Get off the floor and into bed and have the family check in on him.
23F - Fell asleep in a cafe after a good night out. Woken up by us refreshed and left the scene.
44F - Alcoholic with ?worse DTs at 0400hrs and wants to go to hospital.

And that saw us out for the shift.

A quick Q to Lauren in the States, was that Taz me? Did you attend some Aussie who fainted?

Thank you other reader for your patients.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


1 comment:

Lauren said...

Yep! A whole heap of Aussie's out at a bar and this one dropped. I didn't believe it to be alcohol related though. They were all very concerned but very polite and helpful.