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Oh, there you are!

26 May 2013

And it was a good night for us!

Nobody was dying but there were some injuries and disease that needed our attention.

68F - Mechanical fall on bad paving landing on a knee that has been replaced already. The opening night of a three week night time light and arts festival made the crowds tough but we got her out and to the nearest hospital for an x-ray (they were from out of town), three fractures needing surgery.
46M - From the same location, rang stating he was gigging out and feared he would have an alcohol withdrawal seizure. My problem was that he wasn't withdrawing from alcohol he was well pissed. Seeking a warm waiting room.
36M - Found lying on a footpath, said he thought he had a seizure?????? I feel there may be a more simple for him feeling a little spaced out but he didn't wait around to discuss it.
48F - Off her chops on booze and MDMA (Ecstasy), 48???? slipped slowly to the floor of an outside bar and staff thought she should remain there until we arrived. Uninjured and wanting to continue partying she is and adult I think they are going to ask her to leave.
4F - Long seizure, may have missed her meds and it was really late and she would have been fatigued as well. Midazolam and transport.
22M - Really pissed and sleeping in a doorway. Nice guy and as he lived an hour away driving and intended to catch a train home with the friends he had lost we took him somewhere safe to sober up.
18M - King hit and went down like 'a sack of spuds'.  No real injuries but with the hits we've seen here and the deaths from the simple we took no short cuts.
?20M - Here are their choices;

  •  Don't misbehave and the Cops won't notice you
  • Stop misbehaving when directed by the Cops
  • Don't stop they will make you with one of three nasty options
                      • Shot you
                      • Tazar you
                      • OC spray
Be thankful the Officer only sprayed you and stop spitting, swearing and being a girl about it, yes even I have been in the line of fire and copped OC spray by accident it's not that bad. In fact I haven't done decontamination wash down for ages, this fella just wasn't listening.
32M - To drunk to even get a breath analysis from who rode the train all the way to it's last stop. Took him to a safe spot too.
22F - Severe abdo pain, I'll guess gale stones.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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