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20 May 2012

Back to normal.

I seen to be getting my brain around the differences in this electronic case sheet and even to the point where I can get the data at the end of the day to record it for you guys.

31M - Decreased LOC in a building underground car park driveway. Admits to heroin and Xanax use, transport  1) to remove from public view and 2) he can't remove himself because he's so trashed. Sparks up a little at triage, makes comments about my parentage and leaves much to everyone relief.
31M - ? Fallen down stairs one block behind the hospital! Same genius, no fall just a scrap along his face from the wall he fell asleep against. Deeper into the drugged state and stayed there for eight hours in a corridor bed.
24M - New in town and has many social issues and the Men's Hostel requested a psych evaluation before allowing him to stay. We could see that surprisingly he was a new genuine case that really needed help.
69F - Another aged victim claimed by the dreaded escalator! Sore knee and a swollen elbow but was shaken and requested hospital for a checkup.
29F - From overseas today and ill, my thoughts she has brought a bug with her,
55M - Community Mental Health staff member called for this dude. Easy to recognise symptoms before he slipped into psychosis and he had them.
32F - Gastro symptoms and was unable to cope at home and wanted hospital.
84F - FAS.
6M - Accidentally pulled out his feeding tube.
13F - FAS.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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Anonymous said...

Hi Taz, I can usually work out your shorthand but what's FAS please?