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31 May 2012

Quiet nights for the end of Autumn.

Well I have bought a laptop just for my uni work so I can read/type search while on station or at a hospital and the Cheese and Kisses who has been discovering the joys and wonder of sewing has made me a bag/satchel for it, looks very professional an store bought.

80M - Pain from hip to shoulder on left side.
26F - Break up with her long time B/f and took a few too many pills.
26F - After work drinks that went wrong, collected by us from the police station and breath analysis returned a 0.341 and she could walk!
86M - Dizzy so the family said, no pulses located, tachyponea at 40, supine I got a BP of 50 sys, monitored AF around 90, temp of 33.3C or 91.9F, GCS 15 and smiling asking for a pillow. Bat call, cannulate give 200mls of Hartmann's (Ringers) and we arrive. 30 minutes later he arrested, they got him back but it was time for me to leave before he did.

Next night working in the suburbs,

41F - Trying to convince me that she had a seizure rather than it was a domestic. I know what I know but can't prove it.
76M - Known rapid AF but feels palpitations, while I have the monitor on a few ventricular beats just couple and then runs of 7-8, there you go that's the problem.
85M - With an infected foot from a splinter.
77F - Chest pain that probably originates from the chest infection and cough she's had for the last two weeks rather than the AMI she had 10yrs ago. Transport for further Rx as she is already on her second course of oral AB's.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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Lauren said...

A couple good ones in there!