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Oh, there you are!

21 May 2012

No partner? Who do I play with?

The powers sent me to the next station over to team up with an officer from a station two away from mine!

So when we did team up this is what we did.
73M - Increased SOB, bloody good chest infection it was to, made me SOB just to hear it rumble.
22F - Abdo pain, 1st day of her period but when questioning further like professionals do it had been two months since her last and actually wasn't sure when she was due. Me thinks it may have been an ectopic?
86F - Mechanical fall and c/o mid shaft femur pain. No obvious deformity but a frail ol' thing.
17M - Concussion playing sport. Had been walked off dazed and sat in the first aid room before a parent arrived and they all decided to call and ambulance. He was fully asymptomatic with me and even regaining memory of the tackle but 1st every concussion transported for everyone's peace of mind.
36M - A criminal who fell >6 metres during an alleged break and enter. Doped up he hurt his ribs and nothing else.
37M - Chest infection, living rough he wouldn't have managed too Long with a 39.9 Celsius temp.

And then he dropped me at my station and drove home to his.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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