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Oh, there you are!

31 May 2012

I just can't get my stride.

I'm struggling to get all the different facets of my life together and in sync.
The Uni study where I feel out of depth with the structure but not stimulated by the content.
Ambo work were due to the current roster I have a partner on my 1st day and night shift but am single for the 2nd shifts and unsure of where or with whom I'll work. Not that it is bad just I like routine.
Home life around the Uni study and paying the wife enough attention for her support and just riding my bike!

I know and accept that my problems are insignificant to some but they're my current problems.

33F - Cardiac Arrest and unsuccessful resuscitation. No known medical Hx, no known drug use other than a big night on the booze. A shit start but we gave it our best and as I do say in this blog 'When your number is Up!' I am going to follow up with the Police for a coroners report on this one.
53M - Hypertension and feels unwell.
72F - Septic.
46M - IP and incapable of self care right now.
67F - Another septic patient.
73F - Nursing home say she's in an altered state and want investigation? During transport she seemed fine to me in fact I think it was a ploy by the patient to get out of the home for a while.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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