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31 May 2012

Scary start!

When I read the notes of the first patient I had some sphincter pucker happening!
54F - Heart transplant FOUR WEEKs ago and dizzy, shaking, feels unwell - SHIT! For a stable patient who was just being (an rightly so) over cautious. Walked out six hours later happy.
30M - Drug effected in custody and the Police need a medical clearance. Luckily I know this one, he's new but I have picked him up before so some of the games he's trying to play are known to me as games and after a quiet chat he stops being so drug effected with me and we transport for the Dr's letter from the ED.
43M - Also in custody and bunging on some back pain. Credible witnesses debunk his whole story but he's using us to try and avoid the cells. The Cops who also didn't come down in the last shower give him paperwork on the spot and allow the patient to try and save face but struggling out to the ambulance for more ob's where he makes a miraculous recover and opts out of transport.
40M - Day after a three day bender of Meth and IV Oxy's and now feels like crap! No Shit Sherlock!
90F - SOB, delirium, pneumonia.
38M - Meth use again with dystonia a day later. Disturbing to have two meth jobs on the same day, must be on the rise in our area.
25F - Riding a scooter and had a stack with only grazes to show for it.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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