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Oh, there you are!

14 May 2012

I am back!

The holiday's are over and I have returned to work.

But Jesus I'm under the hammer at the moment.

Work always change stuff when you go on leave!
We got back from our trip the afternoon before I went back to work!
Uni assignments just seem to keep on popping up!
Our sector is the last to switch from a paper Patient Health Care Record to an electronic. I did my compulsory on your own time six hour training the second day of leave so I have forgotten a lot and it is not designed to make my job easier. It's to collect data and statistics.

The work I have done in the last four shifts isn't worth recording and that's the other thing as I signed the case sheets at the end of a shift I wrote them down in my little book but this system produces one copy for the hospital. I can produce another but they're five pages long.

So I have to find some decent work and develop a system whereby I can record the jobs, and remember to breath and laugh occasionally.

So I'm alive but busy.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


1 comment:

Lauren said...

Electronic reports are frenemies!