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Oh, there you are!

15 February 2013

2 transports Only.

44M - Old Spinal Cord Injury has left him without legs and he needed assistance to bed after a low fall.
73F - 24hrs of flying from the cold other side of the world and felt faint. A good nights sleep is the best medicine for you.
Road Rage incident that was a Police matter nothing for us.
48M - Trying to pull the wool over our eyes with chest pain. I'll take you back to that hospital you just left but your going to the waiting room.
47M - Whom the Constables believed to be only pissed and he was. They took him then.
86M - With an sudden posterior rib pain. I'll take you in for the DR to see.
74M - Dialysis pt for finish off.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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