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17 February 2013

Males on Drugs and Ladies falling.

Or so it seemed when I looked back over the list of jobs for the day

This is all I jot down either during the day or at the end of shift from review of the computer, my aide-memoire!

90F - Resides in a low care assisted living facility. She has been to hospital for this complaint (Cellulitis) and discharged with oral ABs. It's not improving so we'll take her back for review.
28F - The local Fire Fighters (in Australia Fire and Ambulance are two completely separate departments of government) were cruising around when they were flagged down by this distressed lass. Sometime in the last 14hrs she claims to have been given something that made her feel funny but she's not sure what or exactly when because of all the other drugs she was consuming at that time. Now extremely anxious and emotional and wants to go to hospital.
??M - In the foyer of a inner city motel passed out. When we arrived her was awake and trying to remember which room his friend were in. We left.
27M - Went troppo (Spaz attack) in an al-fresco cafe and got arrested. Cops wanted us to take him for assessment. My assessment, he's had a gut full of drugs and booze, no sleep and is full of sh*t with his sob story to the Cops and us trying to get himself out of the mess he's in. There was no damage so he is released to us and promptly walks out of the hospital in search of more trouble.
28M - Depressed, a couple of emotional triggers and took a razor to his wrists. He's ok but needs some support and help today.
??M - Anonymous call about a dude OD'd in a public toilet. Locate it and bang on the door, wake him up because he's not that gone and the same BS about 'Oh I haven't had any heroin', 'I don't use drugs now'. Why do they think we can't tell?
58F - Fell on a wet floor at the train station, may of injured her left wrist.
28F - Tripped at the bottom of the escalators at another station and sprained her ankle.

The bottom two lines are the case numbers we were on that made us miss our scheduled lunch breaks or cribs an old English working class word for meal break.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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