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13 February 2013

MFMFM much more order.

38M - A large angry man off his Bi-polar meds, not aggressive physically but everyone stood back from him.
49F - 3/7 migraine, has tried all her own remedies and failed and has never had one last this long. Just a little Morphine and some antiemetics and off we go.
83M - Sudden onset of Aphasia and confusion that resolved - TIA
58F - CA pt who wanted to be left alone and refused to allow in her home care workers and the Police got called and then we arrive. She has a reduced Competency and Capacity to make that decision as she was unable to explain the complications or end outcome to us, she was not able to demonstrate the ability to retain any new information given by us and there was no end of life plan or Enduring Power of Attorney Medical Care. A sad case but we can't leave you here by yourself, society expects more.
34M - Known to have de-generation of the cartilage between all his cervical vertebra. Had slip and awkward movement and now has neck pain and altered sensation in one arm. Collar only to support the now cramping muscle and off we go.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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