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Oh, there you are!

15 February 2013

Three food related jobs and one religious.

31F - Epigastric burning with no other signs, milk, antacid and see your GP tomorrow.
60M - More mastication before swallowing, he had dislodged it himself.
21F - It's good to get gastro on the last night of your holiday in our fair city, stay near the toilet, small sips of water and wait for the diarrhoea.

62M - Transfer with Triple Vessel disease for a triple bypass.
42M - Ventilated pt transfer.

28F - Psychiatric Episode, Religious Ferver, I have come across the odd 'I'm Jesus' or God but this pt would not stop praying, even to go to the bathroom so she had urinated in her clothes several times. Was not able to give any reason for the prays, usually you pray to seek guidance, forgiveness or asking for something to happen. Had to be picked up and carried while remaining in a kneeling position with the occasional head punch or head butt to the wall. 24hrs later she was still going. 

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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