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Oh, there you are!

06 February 2013

This all happened before midnght!

??M - See by staff from a homeless hostel and they were concerned. When we arrived he got up apologised and left.
69M - Anxious, feeling slower mentally than normal, has recently arrived back in the country (<4 and="" as="" from="" get="" he="" is="" it.="" jet="" lag="" more="" neuro="" obs="" ok="" opted="" over="" overseas="" p="" physical="" sleep="" so="" still="" struggling="" to="" try="" were="" with="">36M - In the company of the constabulary and was a little too drowsy to be left in their cells till morning court, there was also the issue of some forgotten epilepsy meds too.
3M - Woke Mum and Dad with breathing difficulty but is wasn't until we arrived that the dreaded seal cough appeared. Didn't need to give adrenaline but transported as this was his first ever croup presentation.
25F - Nausea and vomiting,,, dropped as TV on her head several days ago and had some neck pain still,,,, collar and transport just to be safe.
92M - Discharge to home and assist to bed.   

And that was it until 30 minutes before knockoff
A pair of specials having got home from a night drinking at the casino were having a dispute and calling each other mental instead of having a sloppy shag, so called us to take one of them away. After ten minutes of listening to this nonsense I ordered one to sleep in the bed, the other on the couch and sleep it off. 

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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