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11 February 2013

Half and Half

That was the ratio of patients today, well nearly.
What was interesting was that it was female patients first and then an afternoon of males.

98F - Next door neighbour thought she looked dead in bed through the window. A bunch of Cops and an Ambo crew trying to breaking woke her up! The neighbour was very happy.
27F - Acute lower right abdo pain, 22.5mg of Morphine got the pain to manageable, just!
16F - Hx of SVT, but I think today was a twinge of rib pain starting an anxiety episode.
33F - Fell and caught her foot in a metal staircase, ripped a toe nail and may have # the bone.

4M - Worsening asthma.
30M - Shot his mouth off to his case worker saying dump shit and when he went back to apologise she wanted him scheduled. He was repentant and had no intention to harm himself. Just let his mouth run off.
37M - Cyclist who was collected by a pedestrian crossing illegally. Arm pain.
62M - Drunk and staggering home, we gave him a lift.
50M - Drunk and abusive, not our fault if the public think he's dead.

Then to throw it out,

61F - Hip pain Chronic.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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