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08 April 2012

Close the Pubs and they go home!

Tonight proved it again, close the Bars and the punters wander around for awhile and then go home now where near as pissed and destructive.

72M - Walked into plate glass, chipped a tooth and a small lac to the head, no transport because he needs to see a dental surgeon to have a cap made, not something the will happen even with an emergency after hours dentist.
52M - A regular emphysema pt who was tripod posture this time and I went and got the wheelchair because he needed transport.
70F - The family thought that she had overdosed on her Oxycontin and that was why she was acting strange but she had hid them due to her febrile confusion.
47F - Behavioural attention seeker who found that ambos don't just softly shake your shoulder and ask you to wake up. Told us to Fu*k off and found the ability to walk that she had lost with her friends.
68M - Hospital to hospital transfer CVA.
39M - Celiac sufferer with abdo pain, I know his family and the pain was significant and from a trusted source I was happy to give a big dose of analgesia to ease the pain.
30F - Was standing near a plate glass door that got smashed and copped a few minor abrasions from the glass. It's designed not to break in shards to reduce physical damage.
50F - Hospital to Hospital transfer uncontrolled abdo pain.

The 72M and the 30F were the only two who were out on the streets or at venues!
Just accidents or sick people no drunks, well for us anyway!  

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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