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Oh, there you are!

07 April 2012

The prelude to a long Weekend.

20F - Trapped in a lift. On the bottom floor the door just wont open. Rescue have her out shortly and we're not needed.
29M - Turning into the street for this abdo pain we're called off for,
39M - ?Drug effected Police concerned. Sitting in his car that had just been sitting in a traffic lane not moving he's hammered. Nothing suspicious going on here Officer just someone about to lose their license.
51F - Asthma
24F - Suicide attempt talked back to the right side of a fence at the top of the cliff.
25F - a few abrasions from the car that didn't stop.
32M - one abrasion from the car that didn't stop.
62F - Abdo pain from urinary retention.
30M - Near amputated thumb transfer from one hospital to a speciality one.
20M - who had gotten a leg over the guard rail of a bridge but his mate had dragged him back.
Two of our regular dialysis patients to finish off the night. 

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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