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Oh, there you are!

05 April 2012

Toto and Dorithy aren't in Kansas!

We did one job in our own turf and then changed over to the next one west.

75M - From hospital to the airport for a flight home post treatment.
90F - PR bleed.
74F - Slipped on the wet floor of the hospital hydro therapy pool (shits going to hit the fan on that). She was basically injured apart from a contusion on her parietal skull but their OH & S kicked in along with internal incident members and all types of not help full to my work people who I had to shoo out of the way.
90F - Vomiting which is normal with her inner ear diagnosis but it was an odd black colour which I managed to scoop some into a specimen jar  and take with us.
22F - First aid only on the pad of her finger that she sliced off at work. She was going to self present at her LMO for follow up and tetanus injections.
23F - Tachycardia and breathing problems which I was pretty happy were all or mostly behaviour related.
24M - A huge crash where he got hit by another car missing a stop sign. Damage to driver side front and back of the car, restrained and airbag deployed. Self extricated c/o only lumbar pain, lateral neck and thumb (airbag classic) full spinal precautions even though there appeared to be no other injuries because the potential was definitely there.
93M - Probable sepsis.
And that was our last, after knock off miles from home station and got a fill up on the way back cause there's only two bars left on the fuel gauge. No break, didn't stop for food ate what snacks we had in our bags a normal enough day for an Ambo.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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