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Oh, there you are!

03 April 2012

All over the city today.

Hospital's that hadn't seen me for a while were getting visited today as we mostly worked out of area.

39F - Tired, has been assaulted and just wants to go to bed, so why am I here? 'Oh just to check her over'. Some simple pain killers for the obvious aches and pain post incident and enjoy the sleep.
55F - Very well known pt who thought she may have been tachycardic. She wasn't but I sat down and had a chat anyway. That should stop her calling for the rest of the day.
45M - Severe depression and has lead him to attempt suicide (unsuccessfully) and now we go and get some proper help and maybe some in-patient time. Nice block just has to learn how to get rid of baggage.
66F - Epigastric bloating and knows she has IBS? You don't need to go to hospital.
56F - Threatening suicide, well known mental health pt in another area says this all the time but what can you do? You can't ignore her.
42M - Cyclist, wearing a helmet went over his handlebars and bashed himself up, needs some stitches.
45M - Seeking pain relief for pericarditis that I'm pretty sure he doesn't have. But again I'm not in his body.
2M - Had a run inside the house and bashed his head on an edge and freaked Mum! One of our Extended Care Paramedics who can glue minor lac attended and saved all a transport. 

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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