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Oh, there you are!

14 April 2012

One more shift.

Before HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I do need a little break from work but I also need to;
Punch out some miles on the new bike,
Catch up on Uni reading,
Start on the next Uni assignments,
Work with Tracy on riding,
Sleep and Rest.

But before I do I have to do one more shift because that's how the roster crumbles, some officers were saying 'why didn't you have a sickie' and yes generally they were younger than me and from a different era or work ethic. Like all things you take the good with the back change what you can and accept what you can't! 

57F - Hypo, resolved with treatment on scene.
37M - Anxiety related SOB. It's all in his head, LMO knows it but doesn't tell him, we figure as much in the short time we have him and start to discuss there is is no actual physical disease and try to talk about breathing exercises and the we arrive.
37M - IP found by Police, wants to stop drinking but wont stay at the hospital to talk about it and leaves.
85F - Mechanical fall, minor lac to her lip. Happy for her to go home rather than a hospital.
55M - IP, also wants detox, did stay but I don't think he's real about it.
32F - Asian (it does have relevance), young, heavy pounding regular pulse, not really clammy but not dry skin either, SOB episodes on very small work effort. Now regular readers may be thinking FAS and true so did I for a few seconds but listening to the pts breathing and speech and observing her demeanour made me put the 12 lead on and while the was no real evidence of extended QT syndrome (higher instance in Asians) but inverted T waves RBBB, QRS that was even with the BBB wider than I expected. Not dying is the main thing but there is something going on. Buggered if I really know but I do think it was an aberrant cardiac output issue.
55M - Homeless, living out of his car, weakened state, people who live in the houses outside which his car is called.
75F - Recent onset of non traumatic knee pain and decreases mobility.
54F - IP, show off who threatened suicide, firstly at a local cliff top but that would have meant getting there so changed her story and move the location of her impending doom to the roof of her apartment building. We obliged to transport all persons who make self harm threats even if I don't think they would.  

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!



Lauren said...

Enjoy every moment of your time off! Be safe be good & have fun!

Wade said...

Good luck with the reading Taz. Week 7 is very heavy!