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Oh, there you are!

19 April 2012

That's nearly a week done on holiday.

Not as much done as I would of hoped for of the tasks I had set myself for the holiday.
I have been riding but no big rides yet, a combination of Uni study and the weather.
Ambowife and I have clocked up about 125km and the weather is set to improve soon.

My local Paramedic association (not a union) has now acquired a registered business address, an office, it is all part of growing and expanding to become industrially registered so the union that has failed us for years can be forgotten and Paramedics caring for Paramedics will be the way of the future.
The three largest states of Australia have this association and a fourth is poised to join, it's becoming national.

The new office needed some paint and the call was put out and I was one of several how went to lend a hand, the whole show is voluntary and I've been there in my old life being an Executive Officer of something that just burnt a hole in your pocket and life but you believe in it so it comsumes you.

So not as much sleep as I would have liked.
The study is really taking way too long but what can you do?
And I haven't been into work under any excuse yet!  

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


1 comment:

Lauren said...

Time has a funny was of quickening its pace when holidays come around doesnt it? Enjoy the rest of it!