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Oh, there you are!

10 April 2012

Third night straight.

And over a long weekend, Brilliant.
67M - Hospital to hospital transfer called off a kilometre out.
??? - Unknown problem, called off in the street before arriving at the address.
47F - Serial caller, take her pulse and BP, listen to what she says and if your sure there's nothing wrong send her back inside but always be prepared to find her ill because one day she will be and God help you if you don't pick it up just because it's her.
64F - Lethargic and very, very gassy. Belching like an Oktoberfest Drinking Team. All obs are good but I don't know the cause of symptoms so we transport.
23F - PV haemorrhage and there is good cause not the usual menses. Planned termination 10/7 ago with post op haemorrhage that ceased and has now returned over the last 2/7 to excessive. No other complications such as lifting or straining or intercourse so this something that could threaten the future fertility of this pt.
53F - Behavioural collapse. Remarkable recovery when it dawned on her that I was not impressed and not going to be the source of any comfort or succor. Lots of back-pedalling and leaving the scene.
23F - Binge drinker found by bystanders unresponsive cuddled around a tree. GCS didn't improve so antiemetics, fluids and transport.
36M - Rang stating he was hearing voices,,,, some thing's not quite right with this picture so I ask quietly where do you really want to go and get told a men's hostel a couple of clicks from the hospital he requested and me thinks that with the night the way it has been and not looking like it's going to get any better we take him there rather than the hospital. Not something I normally do, I'm not a bloody taxi but tonight it was a better use of resource.
2?F - IP, a friend with a car has been called and is on the way to collect. Her friends who let her get in this condition are waiting with her so she can stay with them.
25M - Aggressive, violent behaviour towards us and the Police from this IP but also just a drop kick of a bloke with a cut under his toe. There is no reason to force him to hospital as the law states you can be a pri*k in your own home. I got a 30 second window to whack a bandage on and wrap as much tape around it as possible to hopefully hold it on until he sobers up.
25F - Came down as a fitter at a night club, what it was it a female who has had too much to drink and now has behavioural problems amplified by the attention of her friends. Don't hold your eyes shut as I try to observe pupil size, don't stiffen up when I try to measure you muscle tone/response because I will get the helpful security guard to help me remove you from the loudness to tell you your wasting my time, your drunk and should now have your friends take you home. Oh that helpful security guard will tell you your shut off for the rest of the night and re-enforces what I said. Screaming at us doesn't change it. 
26M - Genuine suicide thoughts with Hx, relationship based trigger and one of those that touch you deep.
23M - Very minor lac on the outside of his lip from an altercation. cleaned it up and he buggered off.

All this within the normal shift time as we knocked off on time.
Go home and get some sleep because I haven't even started with a paper that is due in by the end of the week about ACPO treatment.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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