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11 December 2012

A STEMI a day,

Keeps you on your toes.
If only they were all STEMI's

56M - 2 witnessed LOC, no radial pulse sitting up, sweating heaps, pale, C/o dizzyness, nausea, numbness in neck, admits to lots of alcohol, 2 lines of Nose Candy and a little Mary Jane but that's not out of the ordinary for him and ECG confirmed STEMI but it wasn't that clear to see. Ran the job on presentation and transmitted to the hospital the ECG and their ECG returned a negative STEMI. Waiting on a followup on this pt.
81M - Advanced Parkinsons suffered a fall without injury. A bit close to the mark this one because he reminded me so much of my Pop.
28M - At a Music Festival thought dancing on a chair seemed like a good idea. Dislocated shoulder with a # humerus proved otherwise.
1M - Febrile convulsion transfer from small inner city hospital to Kids hospital.
79M - From dialysis centre to nursing home.
Cardiac Arrest - First crew called it before we arrived.
16F - with abdo pain and 25 weeks gestation.
23M - Drug effected.
25F - No official diagnosis but sounds like the way she has felt over the last six months it will be depression.

And that will be me for the week.
Another short one as I'm taking the last night off so I can participate in a charity ride for one of my own Ambo Brothers.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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