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Oh, there you are!

14 December 2012

To help a brother.

One of our own was found to have Corrosion in the guts as one Wit put it or Cancer as we call it.
He seems to have been around for ever.
Known to all and Loved by all.
When he was on the radio in Co-Ord it was his own private radio station with word of the shift, weather forecasts and other gems to make you laugh and forget about the grind of each new job he gave you and you worked hard just for him.
It was found late and the going's been rough and bills where stacking up so some of us challenged our workmates to sponsor us on a bike ride.

 It was bloody cold at 0600hrs

Seven left on this 150km trek.
Five did the lot.
We by physical force showed our love for our Brother.

Be strong Andy

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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