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08 December 2012

One Male Patient All Day!

81F - LMO had seen her a few days ago and written a letter to the A&E then for her admission then but they had not acted on it until her birthday had been celebrated, yesterday. A good family that don't want her assessed for assisted care placement but just to get better and then come home to them. Not that common in Australia.
74F - I can't begin to describe how cluttered this tiny backyard was other than to say we were in danger just trying to walk in to her. She's tripped (Dah!) and landed on some pot plants and can't get up. That was it in the end, she just couldn't get herself up so with a shovel and sweat I cleared a path and also around her (thought my landscaping days were behind me) and then helped to her feet. She still wanted to go to hospital so we took her.
48M - The bottle has it's hooks into him and he was doing well but had a moment and we're transporting him to a detox from a clinic.
37F - with Law enforcement to whom she stated that it was difficult to breath. It is also 30hr + post her last heroin hit and really she is doing the withdrawal well so far. There's nothing I can do and they have an RN at remand who can give Valium so that was my recommendation.
68F - prolonged near syncope episode for like 20 minutes, BP remained very low (never better than 95 sys) denies pain of any kind and the ECG is very good unless you looked at it tilted slightly and maybe , just maybe there could have been a small square of ST elevation. Asymptomatic when we arrived and while with us. Troponin levels indicated otherwise and she went straight to the Cath Lab.
96F - Doesn't fall but has three times in the last 24hrs. No injury but to have this sudden drop of independence it needs to be followed up in a safe environment with 24hr care.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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