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Oh, there you are!

28 December 2012

Tried not to transport anybody today!

Unless they needed it, the hospitals are choked up with some sick patients and unless you need to be there I will try to talk you out of it with simple and common sense solutions.

49M - Needed a psych ward badly.
92F - Accidental alarm activation.
44M - Been feeling off, unwell for a few days, last time he felt this way about two years ago the gave him two cardiac grafts, Him we took.
74M - Respiratory Hx, slowly increasing SOB, he got a ride too.
45M - Known condition of AF but multiple rhythms today including ventricular.
90F - 30hrs of gastro, doesn't want to go to hospital but an after hours Dr said she should. I disagree. I can give IV antiemetics and fluid in the home and see how that goes. All parties happy.
35M - Been drinking and now sleeping, in a park. Moved him on.
86F - Respiratory distress, cause unknown but I called for backup.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One! Taz

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