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Oh, there you are!

26 December 2012

My last shift before Christmas.

43M - Withdrawing form Methadone, feels unwell but I think there were other issues undisclosed
Called off someone fallen
Called off a Psych
30F - Anxiety, calmed and left
Called off another person fallen
30M - Who thought that one of the 15 large beers  or 5 vodka shots he admits to drinking (and the rest please) must have been spiked because he felt ill!!!!!
There was no talking him out of it, I felt so ashamed to be a man.
Called off an intoxicated person
25M - Overseas backpacker who was pissed and wouldn't rather than couldn't talk, so I had his phone, I called his parents for details.
25M - Aggressive drug effected with whom we needed to have Police assistance, transport for Mental Health reasons, he was a danger to the public and himself
78M - Abdo pain.

And that's me I'm spending Christmas in the country with family and relaxing before the NYE fun starts, and yes I'm working that night by request.

Have a safe and pleasant break.

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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