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04 December 2012

Only one night shift this week.

Got some personal stuff to attend to.
Ambowife and I are taking a train trip with our bikes to the country to attend a double christening of a pair of  8 mth old boys. Close friends from the first year I was here from interstate and important people to us, so a shift swap was done leaving just this for the one shift.

38M - Yep you have been punched in the face and I guess there is a bloody good chance that orbit (eye socket) is fractured, better come with us for an x-ray.
42M/F - Drunk, wounded by a similar, no idea about 'indoor voice' or stop flapping your lips will I'm trying to look at the size of the wound. It needed stitches anyway.
34F - Fainted twice. Everything came back fine so we discussed it an agreed that it must have been the alignment of the stars that caused it and she went home.
41M - Cyclist without a helmet (yes he did cop a serve from me) who face planted over the handle bars. Concussion, transported for observation.
26M - Sick, like really sick. Febrile, nausea and vomiting, been going on for more than four days, weight loss because of the nausea and decreased appetite. Not a well lad at all.
39F - who claimed to have been randomly drugged and released.
86F - Regular dialysis pt.  

Be Excellent to Each Other and See You at the Big One!


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